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Quality & Care

We appreciate that beauty & care is apart of our everyday routine, so we have gone through every step to ensure that you can be confident that the products you are using not only consist of non-toxic and clean ingredients, but also come from ethical practices and green manufacturing production.

Each product is produced and manufactured in small batches with the simplest and most effective Earth conscious ingredients. Each product has been designed for use in clinic and for home-care. The ingredients are designed to treat and like all of our products we avoid using toxic & harsh irritating ingredients.  

 As animal lovers ourselves, our products are cruelty free. The products are tested only on human volunteers, such as friends and family. Because we know that skin types and concerns vary from person to person, we try out each product for an extended period of time on various skin concerns before making them available to purchase.

With almost 2 decades in Beauty and Aesthetics experience, you can be confident about the products you are using on your skin.